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Instructions for Processing Completed and Approved Doctoral, Masters, & Senior Final Writing Projects  


1. 6 weeks before Conferral Date, email graduating students who are expecting to submit (see Policy page for majors) with end-of-semester Graduation Requirements and Instructions for the Library (as well as the "due date": usually one week before degree conferral)  

  • bcc names (download list of "Degree Conferral Applications" site @ MyChatham = download to Excel)
  • Update the date on the iframe page: = use Notepad and FTP

2. Check Sprite Chart for reciepts - email can be configured to recieve notice whenever a student submits the agreement

3. Visit AWS for uploads: download each item into approriate file folder for sorting and processing: \\fsvr14\Resources

4. Catalog each item = use Koha and find similar record and duplicate it, changing ALL the data to reflect name, title, dates, abstracts, etc...

5. Create secured PDF of item = use Adobe Professional ****

6. Create html splash page for each student

7. Upload splash page = via FTP

8. Upload secured PDF to approiate home destination: OTD's and Undergrads to Sharepoint; all the rest to AWS

9. Review final Koha record and test Koha Marc 856 link

10. Update Chart(s) ...

11. Send reminder emails, after updating downloaded degree conferral spreadsheet, 

  • 3 weeks before Deadline
  • 1 week before
  • 2 weeks after, and cc the advisors


 a.Programs utilized : Hosted by Dreamhost (supports https, php, python...) Contains individual web pages that have embedded scripts to direct flows, communicate data, and record traffic.
    2.SharePoint : Hosted by Chatham (resides behind institutional authentication) For OTD Capstones and undergraduate works that are to be password-protected
    3.Amazon S3 : AWS Buckets for each format (Dissertation, Capstone, Thesis, Undergraduate) open to the public
    4.MediaFire : Secure virus-scanning file upload and managing platform
    5.\\...\Library\Resources drive : works as a file back-up and a sandbox for moving files into place
    6.Outlook Email : for corresponding with students and advisors
    7.Degree Conferral Applications spreadsheet on MyChatham
    8.Adobe Acrobat Professional for processing (OCR, web otimization, and security) PDFs
    7.Koha - Library Catalog


suggested processing order:

  1. Download doc(s)from Uploader (MediaFire, AWS, SP...)

  2. Create Folder in fsvR04/Resources

  3. Convert Doc to txt.blob

  4. Convert Doc to secure & OCR'd PDF

  5. Upload PDF to AWS or SP

  6. Create FTP/HTML file w/ analytics code

  7. Upload (FTP) .html file to JK3

  8. CATALOG ...

  9. Click 'Cataloged' Chart when finished

  10. Click 'NAP'

  11. Fill out NAP fields & Submit

  12. Go to PHP & upload .blob

  13. Test catalog record & all links

  14. Test cuftsgrasp obscura

a.Koha mapping
b.Keyword FT -
c.Electronic Usage stats (Google Analytics)

V-Housekeeping - end of semester/term SQL chart exchange

VI - OCLC/Worldcat Export

Variable dates in KOHA

  • MARC header - 008 = First year 4-digit, Last year 4-digit (m20082009)
  • Description - 260 = imprint year (the First year, usually on the title page; or listed elsewhere signifying the year of manuscript's printing/completion)     
  • Added entry - 700 1 = year of graduation
  • Spine call number = year of graduation 

Student Publications at Chatham University - Collection Procedures
                      Collection and Access Policies:
I. Introduction
        The online versions of the student publications at Chatham University are managed by a series of staff-created scripts and non-profit/educational provider hosts. This in-house program also can track the intake of physical materials, as well as manage the current influx of digitally required documents (50-150 docs a semester/3 semesters a yr).
The student will get an email. approx. 4-5 weeks before graduation, with instructions for stating the requirements for an online agreement page, which will guide them to an upload page. Within 1-48 hours after the submission, the student will get a confirmation email. This time is necessary since it is an un-automated procedure that checks for system compatibility, virus debugging, and other specified requirements that have to be moderated by the library.
The documents will be fully processed within 1-3 months after receipt, with the following caveats: Undergraduate and OTD Capstones reside behind a username/password portal, making them only accessible by Chatham Community (as per faculty request). But all other capstones, theses, and dissertations are open to the public. All graduate materials are also indexed in a full-text word-search database that is also created/managed by the aformentioned in-house program. In the future we will begin integrating undergraduate work into a full-text database, as well as explore other means of retrospective converting historic Chatham Undergraduate Tutorials that currently reside in print-only format (1941-2010). There are a few pre-2010 Tutorials that have been digitized - with the blessing of their respective authors - in their attempts to retrieve a PDF processed by the library as part of a service to the alumni.

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