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Weeding / De-selection  

Procedure for 2024 Library Tech Services Power Weeding

A method for removing books deemed not to withstand any subsequent physical handling, due to natural deterioration


A-Initial Selection - each book is observed in the following order and placed on cart as (if) any of these apply:

1-Immediate Visual "ick" factor: obscured data/label; visible stains or tears
2-Feel in Hand: wobbly, apart at the seams
3-Open book: scan for internal tears, rips, stains, missing pages 
4-Consider legibility: age/quality of paper & ink/font
5-Consider topography: spot title check for uniqueness or continuation of subject
6-If still in doubt, cart it; if it is discovered to have use, see steps B2, B4 & C3 before reshelving

B-Cart Review

1-scan barcodes; produce report 
2-set aside those with history of use
3-those with no use - scan report for uniqueness or continuation of subject before moving to Decision Shelves (DS)
4-those with use:
    a-relabel/perform minimum 'quick' repairs (less than 2 min. each) / back to shelves
    b-books requiring medium repair (requiring at least 24 hr. casing press time) are organized in order of use; heaviest uses items are repaired daily. Books with minimal use (< 2 / 20 years) may be considered for DS in future if it becomes unsustainable
    c-popular/heavy use books that are damaged beyond repair are listed on spreadsheet for possible future purchase


1-DS to dumpster after final staff review
2-Damaged books with relevant use to remain in Tech Services until repaired or replaced. Organized by :
_______a) USE (1, 2, 3 ...10+...), then
_______b) Level of REPAIR (a=quick/minimal fix, b=medium fix (1 day), c=medium fix (1-4 days), d=damaged beyond repair
3-MicroCut (MC) books; established antiquarian value; for consideration for integration into Archives/Special Collections or further appraisal


1-KOHA: use MarcEdit to distill OCM and Bibnumbers for following 2 representative listings:
2-OCLC/Worldcat (Connection client)
3-EDS (upload deletes or rebuild full via FTP)




Customary Group Process:

  • As books are pulled-from public stacks, compile barcodes, and send list to Dan, before, as, or immediatly ater placing on Decision Shelves on the Ground Floor
  • Uitlize Koha - > Tools -> Batch Item Modification
  • The items will be immediatly listed as Location: Decision Shelves ; with the Public Note: See librarian to check-out
  • After determining a books destiny, if it is to be discarded, the following steps need to be made:
    1. Koha catalog - supression
    2. Koha - export MARC, modiffy for batch deletion in EDS, upload changes to EDS
    3. Update OCLC with batch deletion of OCM#s in Connexion Client
    4. Delete from Koha (ind. or batch)
    5. Physically Discard book:
      • Donate (Better World  Books)
      • Recycle into dumpster, after components are gleaned from books, i.e. plates, headband, re-usable boards, metallic elements ...
        • Fill One Post Box at a time, USE LEGS, notify facilities when dumpster is full
    6. If a book is deemed to be retained, each item wll be individual reviewed for physical upgrade/repair before being listed back to their former stack location, and made available ASAP 

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