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EDS Bibliographic (5 seconds human ; 20-40 min. computer processing time) Illiad Patron (45-60 seconds human processing time)

EDS (weekly) -

  • Koha;
    • export mrc
  • FTP
    • Full
1) Receive Email Attachment
  • Save As [local file]
  • Open IlliadPatronWorkspaceME.xsls 
  • Import into new worksheet
    • Get Data
    • Edit
  • Change format in ID col to TEXT
    • Close & Load
  • Select & Copy up to header
    • Paste into new dated (with today's date) worksheet
    • Activate Macros: Ctrl+PUGS
2) Open IlliadPatronWorkspace.xsls (non-macro page)
  • remove header from template
  • Paste cols from ME-dated into non-ME sheet cols
  • Paste header back in
  • Select and Copy from bottom right, from inside yellow band on the right, up to the top
3) Paste into Notepad
  • Find & Replace [tab] spaces with ###
  • Fix top row to reflect ###
  • Count bottom span of last name - should equal 18 #s
  • Find & Replace double-spaces with single spaces until finished
  • Save as "UserValidation.txt"
4) FTP to /illiad/import
MarcEdit (as needed)  


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