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Archives and Special Collections Designation Chart  
physical materials Archives Special Coll. duplicate(s)
Alumni Publications X   post 1980  to stacks
Chapbooks (Chatham authors)  X   to stacks
Chatham ephemera X    
Faculty Publications X   post 1980  to stacks
Pre-1930, confirmed antiquarian value   X  
Signed/Annotated pre-1950 Chatham-Related Books X    
Signed/Annotated pre-1970 Pittsburgh-Related Books   X  
Pittsburgh-related Ephemera   X  
Student Publications (managed by Tech Services | 1944-) X    
digital materials OA CAu 3PV InP
Legacy 1 (pre-archivist/experimental | -2008)   X X  
Legacy 2 (archivist 1 | 2008-2014) X   X  
Legacy 3 (archivist 2 | 2014-2023) X X // // X X
Legacy 4 (post-archivist/default maintenance | 2024-) X X~ ~X X
Student Publications (managed by Tech Services | 2001-) X X    

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