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Reporting Items in Need of Repair and Maintenance  

Assessing, Fixing & Restoration

Prioritization Factors

Use / Need - Irreplaceability / Cost - Level of Repair


Repair Level I

  • immediate (Toolkit A)

Repair Level II

  • overnight glue set (Toolkit B)

Repair Level III

  • multi-day set and replacements (Toolkit C)


instructions on file in Tech Services

A: Glue, tape, edges, blades, erasers, labels, polyurethane, mylar


B: A, + brushes, supercloth, buckram, wax paper, clamp binder, book cloth, boards, headband


C: A, B. + external resource (Illiad/EZBorrow, permissions), photocopier, printer, papier-mâché, paint, ink, needles & thread



Media Conversion

  • Text to Web (html)
  • Text to PDF
  • Text to Audio (digital)
  • Audio to Text
  • Data mapping (XML, CVS, SQL...)
  • VHS to DVD (digital)
  • Retro/legacy (digital to tape)
  • Web Video Stream
  • Audio Cassette to CD (digital)
  • Web Audio Stream
within US Copyright Fair Use (17:107) guidelines

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