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Instructions for processing monographic materials (books and media) through purchase


NEW: As collection recommendation (facuty, staff, librarian, patron, alum...)

1-Check for pre-existing title in the catalog - check both Author/Title ; & ISBN; in KOHA

2-Check Backlog - quality dup.shelves in Tech Services 

As replacement


1-Check Backlog - quality dup.shelves in Tech Services 

2-Delete Item from Catalog if ordering an exact copy; Delete whole bib if different edition


3-Research to get latest and/or desired edition 

4-Purchase as:

a-Individual: Amazon or Direct Publisher

b-Batch: Gobi (EBSCO/YBP)



5-a.Unpack Box from Gobi: check each item for quality and confirm contents with both packing slip and enclosed invoice.
       Deliver Invoice to Business Office

    b.Unpack Package from Amazon or single distributori: check each item for quality; print invoice.
       Deliver Invoice to Business Office


7-Processing physical

  • a-Stamp
  • b-Call Number
  • c-Barcode
  • d-Call Number
  • e-Cover


8- Email list of new books to all other librarians, as they are delivered to the NEW BOOKS Display shelves:

include - Title, call#, acquisition note (who ordered it/for what, who...), and cover image

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