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Individual Weeding / De-selection  
Internal Value



External Value:

  • V-1 Immediate Need
  • V-2 Somewhat Currrently Relevant
  • V-3 8-year relevance swing (4 past, 4 future)
  • V-4 Confirmed antiquarian value
  • Objective/Policy
    • Discard books on one-by-one basis
  • Procedure
    • As book is deemed in need of repair- if it has zero checkouts and/or little value or no use to curriculum - it can be considrered for discard
    • for books discovered via:
      • Tech Services (Relabeling Project)
        • Damaged/ faded label, barcode, text
        • Uncracked book (10+ years old)
      • Circ Desk (Student Review)
        • Damaged/ faded label, barcode, text
        • Shelf Reading: not in system
  • Process
    • add/move to Tech Svs 013 MC shelves
    • Place book in appropriate Tech Services review queue to  add/move to Tech Svs 013 MC shelves
      • Add record to MC3
        • Check si dignus
          • Place C-M on MC
          • Place all others on DS
        • Notify Laison, consider options - decide whether to
          • Keep
          • House in Special Collections
          • Discard
          • Replace Now
          • Replace Later
            • No Callback - Disard DS after 4 Weeks; move MC to SC after 8;
  • All DS Records to be deleted from Koha, EDS, & OCLC, and restored on one-by-one reacceptance basis

Until a new weeding campaign and/or a major shift of circ stacks down to trhe basement.

Slow Boil/Micro Cuts
One by one, many cases a book needing immediate maointenance,, replace with new
some of you were doing this by defaulkt, but I have also been doing it via an onlging "slow boil" project 

Micro Cuts...
not an agressive batch weeding, but 
1-I will notify you (via form) when a book gets placed on Decieion Shelves (crusty, old, zero use, bordelin salvagable)
I work hard to restore and repair the out of print books, so these are all accessible somewhere else, but I'll leva ethat up to you...


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