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Policies for Acquiring monographic materials (books and media) through purchase or donation  

Collection Development Policy (10p. PDF)

  • Gobi (policies on file)
  • Amazon or Publisher direct (policies on file)

Procedure for accepting Gift materials:

If the donor wants a letter of acknowledgement, fill out the Donation Form leaving the counts of paper, hard back, etc. for later. This form stays with the books and they are sent to Technical Services. A copy of the form is given to a Librarian to create the letter.
In Technical Services, the donation will be organized and the Librarian responsible for the subject area will be notified.  If a number of subject areas are included in the collection, a distribution list will be created and travel with the collection until all appropriate people have seen it.
After appropriate librarians have selected the items to be included in the collection, they will return to Technical Services for processing."

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