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Occupational Therapy Tutorial

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Often when searching the database, you will want full access to the results. You can see the availability of the titles through the results list. You can also use the limiters to find only items with available full text.

Full Text Formats  


A PDF full text link is a format where the article appears exactly as it does in the resource where it is published with pagination, images, graphs, and charts all included in the file.
HTML An HTML full text link is a web page format. This is generally without pagination, images, graphs, and charts, but does provide the same text of the PDF version.
Full Text Finder Full Text Finder links direct you to another database or website that holds the content of the result clicked on.
This title held locally This notation means the JKM Library holds the print journal. For Distance students, you can request that the library scan and send you material available in print. 

For onsite students, you must visit the library to view the print copy of the journal. Scans can only be sent to Distance students. See the slides on Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery for more details about this service.

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