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PsycTests Information: Test Location Information

Further Instructions for Locating Tests found in PsycTests

If the test you need in PsycTests is not immediately available in the database, follow these steps to retrieve the test.  Use the screenshot in the box below as an aide in following these instructions. 

1.  From the results page, click on the title of the test. This brings you into the full record for the test, pictured below. Viewing the full record is important since it may indicate where the test can be found, i.e. an article within a journal.

2.  In the Test Child Records section, look at the line below the test name. This is the title of the article where the test may be found.

3.  Continuing in the Test Child Records section, look for the Source line. This tells you the title of the journal which contains the article in step  #2.

4.  Finally, look for the field that says Test Location, this field will be toward the bottom of the record. If this field is present, it will state the page number in the article where the test is found. If this field is not present, it means the article referenced in the record likely does not contain the actual test.

5.  If the Test Location field is present, then the article referenced in the record contains the test.  Use the Journals+ tab on the library homepage to search for the JOURNAL title (step #3).  If the library has access to the journal which contains the article holding the test, you will be directed accordingly.  You can then use the information from step  #2 to locate the full text article and the test.  

6.  If the library does not have access to journal which contains the article holding the test, you can request the journal article using ILLiad.  Make sure you request the journal article, not the test itself!


PsycTests Record

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