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Library Homepage Style Guide: Sub-Pages

Naming Conventions

 URL Names

Library Home https://library/ syntax
 / Sub Page/Guide - main   /naturaltext or /natural_text or /ABBR , /ACRo...?
 /  / Sub Page/Guide - sub   /naturaltext/naturaltext
 / Auxiliary page   /naturaltext or /natural_text or #
password protected or non-public    



Unless a special customization is needed, adhere to the default:

25/75 ?

Box Header

Default (grey) band & border - admin preset
Custom (see above for sample):  customize with table inside band (click pencil icon); 
<table width="100%"><tr><td height="23" style="padding:7px; box-shadow: 10px 4px 21px; #fff; -webkit-box-shadow: 21px 10px 33px #fff;  -moz-box-shadow:14px 21px 11px #fff; border-radius: 6px; background-color:purple;"><center>Box Header</td></tr></table>
Floating box (see next)

Titles, Subtitles ....

If Box is floating (like this one), then you may have to type a title if there is dangling text.

use the following code:

<span style="margin-left: 50px;"><font size="5" color="#89938F"><b>Insert Title Here</b></font></span>

Insert Title Here

Here are a couple of examples:

Title Default (same size as text but bold)

Text about something that isn't worthy of getting a box

Title (1.5 size up)


Yet more text about something that isn't worthy of getting a box



Proper, light, & concise, bla bla bla


Guide Layout -> Guide Navigation Layout
choose Vertical or  Horizontal



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