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Release Chart: Notes & Instructions

  Instructions for the Circulation Desk

Instructions for Tech Services

If Print version is delivered in-person by the student/author and their name is ON the Check-in chart:

  • 1. Click the Receive link that corresponds with their name in the "Paper Recpt." column;
    2. Have them type their name as an electronic signature & click Submit;
    3. Type Your initials, click Submit, then place publication(s) in or near Kim Foflygen's mailbox outside of the Library Director's office.
  •  If their name is NOT on the chart, refer them to the LibGuide with instructions, and give them the option to: 
    • a. Fill-out and submit at their convenience and return with their publication at a later time,  -or-
      b. Quickly fill-out an online agreement on-the-spot (on their device or on an available library computer)
      • i. If they are ready to upload the electronic version (and haven't already done so) they can use the Agreement form which will lead them to the Upload form .
        ii. If they have already uploaded their publication - or elect not to at this point - have them just use the Agreement form.
        Once the online agreement has been submitted, you can refresh the Check-in chart and proceed with step 1. ↖      
        The Agreement form may also be printed-out (with typed-in fields) or finished by hand, and tipped-into the publication, but that would require them to fill-out the manual paper-check-in chart on the clipboard.
        Mention that any unfinished or delayed processes may affect the mailing of their diploma and the ability to request transcripts.

Person(s) other than student/author delivers the print:

  • Have them use the manual paper-check-in chart on the clipboard, filling out as much as information as necessary, initial & place publication in or near Kim Foflygen's mailbox outside of the Library Director's office



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