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CRM 332: Find Articles

History of Crime and Punishment

Historical Databases

Relevant Databases

EBSCO Search Tips

Starting Your Search

  • Advanced Search: Use this option for more search boxes and limit options
  • With the historical databases, you can specify the Historical Period you are interested in within the search options (scroll down on the search screen to see it). E.g., 1900-1999.
  • Search multiple EBSCO databases at the same time using the Choose Databases link above the search box.
  • If you are having trouble finding information, check the Also search within the full text of the articles box on the initial search screen.

Modifying Your Search

  • Check out the Subject: Thesaurus Term on the left side of the screen for ways to narrow your search.

Other Useful Tips

  • Finding More Keywords: Once you find a great article, click on the title to get more information and check out the “Subjects Terms” for other keywords to use in your search.
  • Create Citations by clicking on the name of the article and then on “Cite” on the right side of the screen. These are rarely perfect, so you will have to make changes!
  • Use an Asterisk (*) to Search for Multiple Forms of a Word. Example: market* will find market, marketing, marketer, markets, etc.

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