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Reused Elements in JKM LibGuides

This is a safe home for all boxes and pages that appear in several guides, so that the original element is not deleted accidentally and so the element can be updated for every guide with one edit.

PICO Question

PICO: a mnemonic device to help formulate a clinical question and strategy by identifying key concepts
P Patient/Population/Problem Describe your patient or problem - be specific
I Intervention/Indicator Treatment, cause, etc
C Comparison/Control Compared to another treatment or standard of care
O Outcome Improvement or negative effects



ALWAYS include in your search
What are their important characteristics?
  • primary problem
  • state of disease/condition
  • sex
  • age
  • socioeconomic status


ALMOST ALWAYS include in your search
What do you want to do for the patient?
  • Education
  • Therapy
  • Order tests/procedure


Usually not included in your search
What is the alternate intervention, if any?
  • Different procedure/test
  • No education
  • No medication


SOMETIMES include in your search
What  are you hoping to achieve, measure, or change for the patient?
  • Alleviate symptoms
  • Change test results
  • Behavior modification
  • Improve function
  • Reduce adverse effects/events

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