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EnvironMentors Research Guide

Below you will find links to databases and digital tools that will help you as you complete your research. There are a few different kinds of tools, including:

  • Encyclopedias: These 'tertiary sources' compile brief summaries and definitions of people, places, things, and concepts. You use encyclopedias when you want to get a quick overview of something. They help you to build context around your research idea and discover new keywords, which are important parts of research.

  • Discovery (EBSCO) Search: This search tool is the JKM Library's version of Google. It will let you search almost all of our databases (both subject-specific and general) at once. You would use something like the Discovery search if your research question is multidisciplinary (i.e. includes a lot of topics or areas of focus).

  • Subject-Specific Databases: Databases that contain resources focused on a specific topic (like environmental studies or sustainability). You use subject-specific databases when you are doing research on a narrow topic. You will decide which databases to use based on the kind of information you want to find. This decision is part of your research strategy and will change from project to project.


General Search Tools

Subject- Specific Databases

Primary Source Resources

Most of the resources found through these links are freely available. You won't need Chatham login credential to access them.

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