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Types of Articles

  • Published daily or weekly
  • Intended for a broad audience
  • Articles are written by journalists and go through a general editorial process
  • The purpose of articles is to entertain, report news, or summarize information
  • Usually do not contain a works cited list or bibliography, but may name or refer to sources through the article's text
  • Examples include:  The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Time, etc.

  • Published biweekly or monthly
  • Written for those working within a specific field 
  • Articles are usually written by industry/business representatives to inform members of specific trades or professions about events, techniques, and/or professional issues
  • Articles go through a general editorial process and may contain a bibliography
  • Examples include:  Advertising Age, Publisher's Weekly, This Old House, etc. 

  • Usually published monthly or quarterly, but may also be published at other intervals
  • Articles are written by researchers and subject experts
  • Articles are peer reviewed, meaning that the methodology, content, and conclusions are reviewed by other scholars/experts in the field before publication.  The goal of peer review is to ensure high academic quality.
  • Scholarly articles are the primary means of communication between researchers to report the most recent research and findings in an academic field 
  • References are usually provided
  • Published by university presses or professional organizations
  • Examples include:  The New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, Harvard Business Review

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