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Submit Graduate Capstone (online only)

As a graduate student who has completed a capstone that your department requires be submitted in an electronic format, you must do the following two things in order to receive your Chatham diploma and have access to your transcripts. Click on the following to get started:


1. Agreement form*    2. Upload Capstone 
* Please Note that you will be given the opportunity to upload your file(s) immediately upon completion of the Agreement form.


You may do this in any order that suits you, but keep in mind that the preferred order helps to expedite processing. Regardless, make sure to do both before the deadline:

  • When uploading, you may submit multiple files as needed. Word documents are preferred, although PDFs (unlocked), slideshows and spreadsheets are also accepted. Please consult the library for special file or media formats. Before selecting file(s) for upload, please rename or insert your name somewhere in the filename(s) to help expidite processing: (i.e. JDoe_paper1.docx, Miller_H.xlsx, mAnderson.gif, Abou-Khalil.pptx ...)



  • The version of the paper being submitted must be the finalized, error-free copy that includes any corrections recommended during your final board meeting (Please check your title page! Spell check does not check words written in all caps). Resubmissions will result in a time consuming replacement process, so please be mindful of errors and anything that may need to be redacted in the future (i.e. social security or any other highly personal information).


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