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IMM370: Play in the Archives: Home

Guide created to accompany instruction for IMM370 in Fall 2021

IMM370: Play in the Archives

Welcome to the Chatham University Archives, where records, photographs, documents, maps, and assorted material reveal stories and experiences related to Chatham university, the Chatham campus, and the Chatham experience over the years.  

Fun and Games in the Archives

Chatham Covid-19 Collection Project

Particularly Rich Online Chatham Archives Collections

A Few Campus Stories

Chatham Campus and Architecture

May Day at Chatham

May Day was celebrated at Chatham University for many years with elaborate pageants attended by thousands of public spectators.  The last large May Day pageant occured in 1947 in the midst of student discussion around the educational value of the effort.  May Day pageants were common at women's colleges in the 20th century and scholarship presents theories connecting the popularity of pageants with discomfort with women's education.

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