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Newspaper Delivery & Processing Instructions

Batch Delivery Address for the Library: Legal Address of the Library Building: Billing Address of the Library:

JKM Library - Tech Services
Chatham University
0 Woodland Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15232-2826

PITTSBURGH, PA 15217    
Parcel ID :    0085-F-00159-0000-00    
Municipality :    114 14th Ward - PITTSBURGH

Chatham University
0 Woodland Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15232-2826

  • US Mail
  • Amazon
  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Amazon (for next day delivries)




Maps and Directions to the Chatham University Jennie King Mellon Library Parking Lot (between 1035-1163 Murray Hill Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, 15217)
Billing address: 0 Woodland Rd, Pittsburgh, PA, 15232

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The Library Parking Lot can only be accessed by Murray Hill Avenue.
Murray Hill Avenue can only be accessed from 1 of 3 ways:
South from 5th Avenue -or- East from Fair Oaks Street -or- North from Wilkins Avenue

Behind the Library, off Murray Hill Avenue (the "bumpy" road) The "Depository" slot for the Newspapers sits atop a short cement stairwell on the North end of the building


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